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...making the decision to move into Corinthians FC

The CAA Comp Program is for the dedicated soccer player that is ready to develop their skills to a higher level. They must be willing to make the necessary commitments to achieve their goals and be eager to compete against challenging opponents.


The following guidelines are intended to help players and their parents decide if they are ready for this elevated level of sport:

  • The player has a high interest level in soccer and practices on his/her own or with friends.

  • The player is the best, or one of the best, on his/her rec. team, and starts to seem bored with the recreational competition level.

  • The player sees higher-level players and wants to be like them.

  • The player is mature enough to commit to more frequent practices and more strenuous training.

  • The player likes competition.

  • The player is the one interested in the comp level, not just the parent.

    • The rule of thumb is to let your child be the guide. Parents, don’t push your player into trying out for a comp team just because you want it.

    • Some players are ready at age 8 and some aren’t ready to move up until age 13 or 14.

  • The player should understand that the competitive level requires a tryout, which means that not everyone makes the team.

    • Determine the player’s commitment level:

      • Is the response, “If I don’t make the team, I’ll quit"?

      • Or is it, “I like to play soccer so I’ll find another team, if I don’t make this one”?

    • The player should also understand that when they make the decision to try out for the comp program, it is a decision they are making for themselves.

      • Even if their best buddy is trying out too, they may not make the team.

      • Additionally, although sometimes a whole comp team, or a significant part of a team, wants to move up together (from one Comp Age Bracket to the next). They should be aware and able to accept that not all players may be ready to move up at the same time.

      • It is important for players and parents to be aware of and consider all the implications of the comp program tryouts.

        • Oftentimes, when under prepared, these situations result in an unproductive and frustrating experience for the players and the parents. Every effort should be made to stop the problem arising in the first place. Understand that the comp program is competitive. It is designed to challenge the player, and not all players advance at the same rate.

  • The player (and their family) is ready for the increased level of time and financial commitment to playing in a competitive league:

    • Attendance is required at all practices and games

      • There are 2 weekly practices.

      • Weekend games may have different times and/or locations.

      • Some games will take place on Sunday afternoons.

        • Tournament play invariably means some Sunday morning games per season.

        • If a player cannot attend, or chooses not to play on Sundays, the parents must notify the coach as soon as possible.

    • Players are expected to arrive to practices & games early

      • "on time”="late"

    • If involved in other sports or activities, the player should prioritize soccer above others, when conflicts occur…especially in fall, soccer’s primary season.

  • Equal playing time is NOT guaranteed, the Coach is the final arbiter.

  • The player must always have the proper attire.

    • Higher level soccer players must dress accordingly.

    • The player is responsible for their equipment and uniforms.

    • Players should learn to take care of their equipment and uniforms and bring them when required.

***If all of the player guidelines and parent guidelines cannot be met, the player should remain at the recreational level.***

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